Agency owner

Owner of the agency: Samir Sven Raković, mag. oec

"The experience I gained working for almost 6 years in the world's largest real estate network RE/MAX - gives me encouragement and hope for further work assignments, where I decided to act independently in the fierce competition on the real estate market.

At the same time, the experience I have gained in the past 6 years is very valuable to me and gives me hope and encouragement to prove the quality of service among the fifteen or so agencies in Opatija, along with several agencies from Lovran and Matulje and 5-6 agencies from Rijeka (out of a total about thirty) the number of agencies actively operating in the area of Liburnia and Kvarner is around 25.

I have been in the casino business for 25 years, most of which was spent managing the leading casinos and Automat clubs in Croatia (Esplanade - Zagreb, Sheraton - Zagreb, Lav–Le Meridien in Split, Merkur Hrvatska, Wettpunkt in Zagreb and Rijeka, GH Adriatic in Opatija as well as 7 years of working in casinos in Moscow, Sochi and Saint Petersburg in the Russian Federation gave me a huge experience in working with people and understanding transparent business management. However, due to a very busy and stressful lifestyle, I always aspired to move to calmer waters , so I tried my hand at the F&B (Food&Beverage) sector, where I managed that sector in Opatija's Hotel Mozart, and later I also managed the luxury Japanese cafe project in one of the largest shopping centers in Dubai (UAE). Before that, I gained experience in management Indian restaurant in Dublin (Republic of Ireland).

In the meantime, I also tried my hand at the construction of a family business-residential building, and through that segment I found myself neither guilty nor liable in the area of real estate sales, where an additional incentive for more active sales was given by a loan in CHF, where the installments of the loan are already after 5-6 year de facto doubled...

Not even 24 hours had passed since entering the RE/MAX agency in Rijeka and accidentally meeting the owner of the still most successful agency office within the RE/MAX CROATIA franchise, because I decided to accept the offer to become part of that successful team, and to try to sell my own, and of course other office properties. And so, after a short training, the first sale followed in just 12 days, then again in a month, and that's how it started... I guess I was born under a lucky star, because the next year the sales continued. I am always happy to look at the wall decorated with several awards as the most successful RE/MAX agent in Croatia (2013, 2014) and 3rd place in 2015. The competition was considerable, in the fifteen or so RE/MAX offices in Croatia at the time, the number of agents varied between 60 and 70.

Living and working in Russia helped me to master the Russian language, I improved my English in Dublin and Dubai, German in Wiesbaden and I have been speaking Italian since I was a child.

I like the work I do, every day is different, the opportunities are really diverse, there are problems, but we always successfully overcome them, and - here we are now with a new story and the name of the agency PREMIUM NEKRETNINE. As I am a stubborn Capricorn according to my horoscope - I have no doubts about the continuation of the beautiful story in the world of real estate. See you, welcome :-)"